Residential Notices

June 14, 2021 - Redevelopment Start

Resident/Owner or Business:

Re: Update for Infrastructure Revitalization in Riverside Meadows and Fairview Neighbourhoods

Due to the limitations of public gatherings because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would be unable to conduct face-to-face meetings with residents to update everyone and answer any questions or concerns that you may have on the project. While we are still unable to host in-person meetings, we are reaching out to provide this update to you. 

Detailed design work for the first phase of the project is complete and, after some unforeseen delays, we are ready to commence with the construction of the first phase. 

Pidherney’s Inc. has been selected as the contractor who will be completing this work. The start of construction is fast approaching in June 2021. The planned works for Phase one (1) are anticipated to be substantially complete in the fall of 2021. The work will include replacing underground utilities (water, sanitary and storm), road improvements, sidewalk, landscaping and trail upgrades in specific areas. 

We recognize that residents will have questions and concerns such as: 

  • Road closures and detour plans; 
  • Water interruption and temporary water supply; 
  • Tree and shrub management, etc. 

The City and Pidherney’s Inc. are working closely to develop a suitable communication strategy to keep residents informed during the construction period. A dedicated webpage will be created for this project where we will host all of the information we feel you will need to know as well as contact information. 

We understand that this may be a short-term inconvenience; however, we hope to work together with you in a collaborative manner for the long-term improvement of your neighbourhood. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 403-342-8158 or email: engineering(at) We will also do our best to keep our City website up to date, which can be viewed at any time by visiting


The City of Red Deer

April 6, 2022 - Road Closure & Construction Update

Resident/Owner or Business:

Re: Road Closure & Construction Updates

As part of the City of Red Deer Riverside Meadows & Fairview Revitalization project, the deep utilities and surface improvements in your area are being upgraded.  Beginning week of April 11, Road closures will come into effect with detours around the work zones during the performance of this work and will include:

  • 60A Street from 58 Avenue to West End 
  • 60 Street from 54 Avenue to 60 Avenue 
  • 55 Avenue North & South of 60 Street
  • 57 Avenue North of 60 Street & Lane from 56 Avenue to 57 Avenue
  • 58 Avenue from 57 Street to 61 Street
  • 59 Avenue from 59 Street to 60 Street
  • 59A Street from 58 Avenue to 59 Avenue
  • 59 Street from 58 Avenue to 60 Avenue
  • Fern Road from Fairway Avenue to Fir Street
  • Fir Street from Fern Road to Fairway Avenue 
  • Fairbank Road from Fir Street to East End

Alternative parking will be required. Residents are asked to park at the rear of their homes where possible and side streets that are not impacted by construction. For any additional clarification pertaining to parking, please contact a Pidherney representative, as noted below. 

Access to back alleys will be maintained for resident access. It is our intention to complete construction by October 15, 2022, weather dependent.  However, we intend to return front access as soon as the road is returned to a gravel state. 

Due to construction activities in the area, Canada Post may choose to temporarily discontinue mail delivery at their discretion until clear access can be provided. If your mail service is interrupted, please contact Canada Post at 1-866-607-6301 to confirm the location where you can receive your mail. 

Hours of construction will be from 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday and evening work may also be required as weather and schedule requirements dictate. In these circumstances, the noise bylaw of 7 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday and 9 am to 10 pm on Sunday will be followed.

Contact phone numbers are:

  • Rick Fox, Foreman - 403.588.0560
  • James Biro, Foreman - 403.506.6915
  • Jordan Bishop, Superintendent - 403.895.0357
  • Ryan Leppke, Project Manager - 403.885.3089
  • City of Red Deer Contact, Engineering Services - 403.342.8158



April 6, 2022 - Temporary Water Notice

Resident/Owner or Business:

Re: Temporary Water Notice

On behalf of The City of Red Deer, Pidherney's is upgrading the infrastructure in your area as part of the Riverside Meadows & Fairview Revitalization Project. Due to construction, your building may be required to be put on temporary water. Areas to receive temporary water include:

  • 60 Street from 54 Avenue to 60 Avenue 
  • 55 Avenue North of 60 Street
  • 56 Avenue North of 60 Street 
  • 57 Avenue North of 60 Street
  • 58 Avenue from 57 Street to 60 Street
  • 59A Street from 58 Avenue to 59 Avenue
  • 59 Street from 58 Avenue to 59 Avenue 

Your water valve located at the water meter in your home will be required to be turned off at the appropriate time to receive temporary water service. A Pidherney’s employee will also contact you and review the procedure required for your temporary water. If you have any concerns about closing this valve or having a Pidherney’s representative enter your home to close your water valve due to Covid-19 or other reasons, please contact one the of the representatives noted below at your earliest convenience to minimize water service disruption. 

Once the temporary water has been put into service, a Pidherney representative will inspect the connection to your home daily to ensure it is maintained to required standards. If dogs are present or other obstructions that may prevent inspection of the water connection, please contact one of the Pidherney’s representatives below to note specific times when it is safe to inspect.  

We ask residents to be mindful of the temporary water infrastructure and connection to their homes. If there are concerns with potential leaking connections, please contact a Pidherney representative at your earliest convenience. 

Our estimated time to arrive at your residence is spring of 2022, with hand delivered notices provided closer to construction, at which point the required work will be explained. In order to complete the water connection, your valve at the water meter will be required to be turned off prior to supplying your home with temporary water. We anticipate the temporary water services being required for approx. 6-8 weeks, weather dependent. 

Pidherney’s contact persons for this project are:

  • Rick Fox, Foreman - 403.588.0560
  • James Biro, Foreman - 403.506.6915
  • Jordan Bishop, Superintendent - 403.895.0357
  • Ryan Leppke, Project Manager - 403.885.3089

If you have any questions about the temporary water service, please call one of the above Pidherney’s contacts. For any general project inquires, please contact The City of Red Deer Engineering Services at 403-342-8158. Thank you for your patience during these interruptions; it is appreciated.